• Open gyms and Prep Clinics for 11, 12 and 14U in October!
  • Parent Orientation Night for 11,12 and 14U - 10/19, 6.30-9.30 at Child of God, St. Peters.
  • TRY OUTs-10/23 for 11U, 12U and 14U
  • Make Up Try outs: 10/24 for 14U



  • Late Fall Season 10/11-12/9
  • 9-12 sold out, 13-15 still has spots left
  • Evaluation Night for new players: 10/1
  • Games will be held at Renaud Center, O'Fallon

Putting your child's name on the Wait by 10/4 guarantees receiving email about registration open at the same time as existing players: WAIT LIST FOR FUTURE SEASON

Coaching Approach

Our approach

We believe that every player deserves a chance to meet their dreams! We believe that solid training fueled by passion can give the player a chance to be admitted to High School Team. In fact, 65% of our young athletes who participated in our Recreational program made High School Teams this year!

We want your child to succeed and we offer the program that challenges each player to do his or her best! We expect all players join Thunderbolts to learn, advance and achieve! We pride ourselves in solid foundation training of core skills of passing and serving, progressing to more advanced techniques of setting, hitting and playing dedicated positions.

Our Recreational Program is tailored to player's level to ensure steady growth of skills and confidence.

Our Club Program is for advanced players who seek more competitive exposure in the region.


Fun Facts:

  • We do not have try outs for our Rec teams. We host evaluation night, where we observe the players and place them on the teams that will benefit them most from the learning and growth perspective.
  • Our Core program is a rec/rec-competitive league that strives to provide more competitive level of experience at affordable cost.
  • After 1 year in operation we have grown 500% in Rec Leagues!
  • In Fall 2020 Thunderbolt Volleyball is offering Select Club option for those who would like more competitive experience and exposure in the region. Join us! Play with us!


Thunderbolt 13-15 Advanced Division

Thunderbolt Star

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Designed for young girls and boys with none or some experience in playing volleyball. We form COED teams to enable both girls and boys learn and play together. We take pride in teaching not only rules of the game, but also teamwork, core techniques and serving. Depending on team's level, we might introduce players to 4:2 rotation and playing specific positions.

Practices: 2 hour weekly practices are dynamic and target players’ development. In Spring will be offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Games: offered on Wednesday evenings at Renaud Center

Cost: $175

ThunderboltVolleyball Girls Program


Prior to each season we host Evaluation Night for all registrants.

Based on evaluation players are placed on the teams that will fit the player best. We look for overall skills and potential position the player will fill to create fully functional teams and position the teams for competitive play.

We teach:

  • Solid foundation skills of passing, and digging
  • Solid setting skills
  • Proper Hitting from each hitting position
  • Solid serve overhand with progression to jump serve
  • Playing dedicated positions in rotation 5:1 or 6:2
  • Dynamic, competitive play challenging entire team

Practices: Two hour weekly practices offered either on Monday, or Tuesday evenings. Exact time and practice location will be shared based on the team the player is assigned to.

Games: offered on Thursday evenings at Renaud Center, O'Fallon MO.

Cost: $175



In Winter Session we are forming Boys Only Team!

Boys are placed on Boys-Only teams or with girls with similar skill level and play against other 13-15 boys, girls, or Coed Teams.

We teach not only foundation, but do our best to maximize the potential of each boy: solid passing, quick movements, powerful hits and naturally great serve:

  • Solid overhand serve and progress to jump serve
  • Solid ball handling, setting and hitting from each position
  • Blocks and Digs
  • 5:1 or 6:2 Rotation Play

Practices: 2 hour practices offered on either Monday, Tuesday evenings.

Games: Thursday evenings at Renaud Center, O'Fallon MO.

Cost: $175

Select Club Teams (Girls)

Thunderbolt has decided to continue Select Club experience! We will be opening up 11U, 12U, 14U, 15U, and 16U age groups this year.

As a non-travel club, the teams will play in 2 tournaments a month (between 10 and 15 tournaments), all in St. Louis County/St. Charles County region. The only possibility of travel will be for Qualifiers (Kansas, or other city outside of STL area), but this is conditional overall performance throughout the season. Will also require extra travel cost coverage.

Program will require commitment to three 2 hour practices weekly and 2 weekends a month for tournaments starting in December, up to May. Practices will begin in the early November.

Upcoming Try Out Dates:

  • 14U
    • Oct 23rd, 1-3 pm
    • Make up: Oct 24th, 4-6 pm
  • 11U
    • Oct 23rd, 10-12 pm
    • Make up: Oct 24th, 4-6 pm
  • 12U
    • Oct 23rd, 10-12 pm
    • Make up: Oct 24th, 4-6 pm

Please check our Prep Clinics and Open Gym schedule.

Parent/Athlete Night for 11,12,14U: October 19th at 6.30 pm at Child of God.

Please sign up for try outs here:

Players Expectations:

  • Consistent, strong serve
  • Solid ball handling, ability to pass the ball to target, flexible, movable
  • Coach-ability
  • Great attitude
  • Strong Volleyball experience

Practices: Two hour practice offered min twice a week.

Games: up to 15 tournaments in the season. No travel outside of St. Louis/St. Charles area.

Cost: between $1,100-$1,400 *does not include Qualifiers

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