What’s your refund policy?

Full refund is available when registration is cancelled within 10 days before the first practice. Prorated refunds are available upon agreement with the Program Director, if cancellation occurs within two weeks of the season's start date.

How can I pay for the registration?

if you don't use our Cart to purchase your registration, you can pay by PayPal (thunderboltvolleyball@gmail.com), or by check payable to Thunderbolt Volleyball. Please be sure to use Registration page to chose a program and fill out registration information.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our Coaches can answer any question you have, and you can always contact us via email or phone listed in the footer!


What do I need to bring to the practice?

Players must have knee pads, proper non-slip athletic shoes for volleyball court and athletic clothing. Also, please be sure to bring water!


Do you have boys league?

Thunderbolts are starting to form boys leagues. In Winter 2020 season we are starting with coed for 9-12 age group division adding few boys to the team. In Spring we will form boys only teams in 13-15 division.


How do I register my child?

Go to "Registration and Spirit Store" tab in the top menu, select "Programs" and then select the right age group/program you wish to register for. The page will open up with a "Registration" form that requires you to fill out basic information about the child. click SUBMIT button and then click Add to Cart button to purchase the program. You will have option to pay by credit card or check.

Note: If you use credit card, your bank statement will indicate transaction through PayPal (that's how we have it set up). Please do not try to cancel the transaction.


I purchased registration on line via credit card but my bank statement shows PayPal. Why?

Our website is configured to work with Thunderbolt PayPal. PayPal deals with credit/debit card transactions, that's why your bank statement shows PayPal. It's perfectly secure and legit. Please be sure to not cancel the transaction, or payment is invalid.


Website indicates practices are either on Monday or Tuesday.  How do I know when exactly?

The practice schedule depends on multiple factors: securing practice location, ensuring coach is available on specific day, team assignment,  and your own preference. If you have strong preference please indicate it in Comments section during registration and we will consider it.


I purchased some Spirit Store items. How long do I have to wait?

Since this is the very first time Thunderbolt Opens up Spirit Store, we are not stocked up yet. Your order shows us the interest in the item and as soon as we received your order we order from the vendor. This adds extra week or two to the wait time, but we are tracking every single order and are committed to deliver to you. In the future, those operations will be smooth and more timely.


Is Thunderbolt a "Club"?

Well, it depends what you mean by that. If you think of Club as organization that plays in Gateway tournaments, then the answer is: "Not yet". Our core program is classified as developmental and competitive recreational. In the year 2020 we plan however to start Club Teams that will be part of the Gateway. Those teams will be selected through Try Outs in October.